“I will be sending all of our proofing to you.  Thank you sooo much!”
Daven Michaels, CEO 123Employee

“This is great. I really like your top ten for Ibiza – will definitely try some of these out.”
Tamara Heber-Percy, co-founder and MD of Mr & Mrs Smith

“The website you wrote for Studio is terrific. I owe you one.”
David, Studio Restaurant

“This story is brilliant and better than I hoped for which is rare indeed. Structure, quotes and tone all spot on. Fantastic work.”
Duncan Dick, Deputy Editor Mixmag

“When I read the new bio Cila had written for me I thought ‘Damn! Who is this guy? He sounds like he’s on the money!’ Her ability to paint a story in a concise and thrilling way made me realise I needed her to do my press.”
Dan Tait
, DJ/producer

“I recently read an article by Cila Warncke in your magazine Real Travel and I was very impressed! I’ve never written to an editor before, however I felt that I should commend the author on her terrific writing.”
Christopher McHale


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